Oscar Aponte - Director of Operations

Oscar has 24 years of experience working in the Wireless Communication field.  His experience has taken him from a a Cell Site Technician in 1998, to an Operation Switch Manager in 2010 transitioning into  executive management and becoming an Engineering Construction Manager for Verizon Wireless in 2012. 

After this accomplishment, Oscar continued with Verizon Wireless for a few years before moving to Teracom Services, and becoming the Director of Wireless Construction in 2018. Oscar is also currently working on his Bachelor's in Small Business Development.

Larry Miller- President

Larry has 22 years of experience working in the communication industry with an emphasis on critical power systems.  His experience has taken him from a DC power technician in 1994, to a project manager in 1997, transitioning into sales and executive management in 1999.  At which time Larry was responsible for growing a small electrical contracting business into a $25 Million nationally recognized critical power systems and communication infrastructure provider. 

After this accomplishment Larry went on to serve as the executive VP of TAIC for 6 years prior to establishing Teracom Services in 2011.  Teracom Services is a top rated national provider of DC power systems, Critical AC Electrical, and Communication Infrastructure.

Francis "Ponch" Fellows - Electrical Division Manager 

Starting as an Electrical Apprentice in the late 90’s, Ponch found himself a natural in the industry. After completing his four-year IECA apprenticeship early on with high marks in 2001, Ponch has managed many service jobs and became an asset to the construction and tenant improvement crews in the AC Electrical Service Industry. For the next 10 years Ponch has delivered and continues to deliver exceptional customer service and satisfaction.

In 2018, Ponch became the Electrical Division Manager, and is currently developing the AC division for Teracom Services, LLC.

Molly Arellano - Corporate Controller

Molly first began her journey when she received her Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Accounting in 2005. After taking time off to start a family, Molly began her career as an accountant for a public accounting firm. At the time, Molly was in charge of bookkeeping for Teracom Services. 

Due to her intelligence, efficiency and reliability, Molly was recruited to work solely for Teracom Services in 2014. Molly and her team work at the Corporate Headquarters to ensure the office is always running smoothly.   

Teracom’s senior leadership team is adept at managing complex microwave deployments including project management, real estate services and site selection, civil construction and network services.  Over the last 15 years, Teracom’s principals have been involved in the deployment of over 500 microwave paths throughout the southwestern United States.


Fernando Arzola – Director (California)

Fernando has been with Teracom Services for over 7 years, starting off as a DC power Installer, and then moving to Project Manager. Now as a Director, Fernando is currently heading the California market region. 

Before starting his career with Teracom,  he worked building homes for 11 years in his father’s company.  His knowledge in construction gave him the abilities to problem solve and succeed in the Telecommunications field.  The construction knowledge he brought, helped expand Teracom Services by providing many more possibilities  in taking on different kinds of projects.  Under his leadership, he has helped Teracom Services build a strong and successful Telecommunication/Construction installation division.