Teracom has a wide range of expertise and provides our customers with a broad range of turnkey solutions including Transport Services. Our Transport Services include:

-Fiber Surveys (LTE support)
-Fiber installations
-CAD support
-Microwave installations (temp to perm)

-Granite Engineering & Support
-Auditing (physical & logical)
-Network Operations
-Telco procurement
-T1 testing and acceptance
-Training (NOC and field)
-Auditing (physical)

Professional Services 


We can install and extended the life of your equipment though scheduled maintenance audits. Our team of highly skilled technicians and managers provide support throughout the various phases of the project across the multi-vendor equipment platforms.


Redundant and emergency back-up power sources are a critical infrastructure component for Teracom Services' commercial and government clientele. Our expert team of power plant systems design engineers, project managers, and installation technicians provides clients with the confidence that their systems will stay on-line during outages, whether the cause is routine or extraordinary.

Microwave System Design

The Teracom microwave engineering group can perform complete turnkey point-to-point inside and outside engineering services. Using Pathloss 5.0, the initial viability of a link is determined. The Teracom Engineering Team then performs a detailed site survey and if needed, arranges a Line of Site (LOS) study. The VTC team has all of the equipment needed to assure the accurate engineering of every path we design. VTC has boom trucks, lift trucks and all the testing equipment needed to perform accurate LOS studies.

A detailed site survey is a physical inspection of the path endpoints, insuring that any potential problems are identified. A path flash is done to confirm whether a path is feasible, enabling the engineer to determine how much clearance is required for adequate Fresnel clearance as well as simple ray grazing clearance. This will ensure proper link design and improved link availability performance. Teracom Services will customize and deliver to our clients a comprehensive survey form with photographs for both the site survey and path flash study.

Design, Engineering and Installation

Teracom is a technology innovator in the field of Gigabit Ethernet microwave links, broadband Services point-to-point (PTP) and backhaul solutions. Our microwave lab at our Murrieta, CA,  location is used for the research and development of new microwave technologies. Our complete turnkey microwave solutions ranges from spread-spectrum low capacity radios up to multi-channel, high-capacity, licensed microwave with space diversity and redundancy protection.


Microwave Asset Recovery

Teracom Services offers three attractive and flexible asset recovery options to help you get the most out of your investment.

•          Asset Recovery – We will buy your excess Services equipment, enabling you to maximize your return on investment (ROI) and focus on expanding your network, upgrading to newer technologies, or upgrading to higher capacities.

•          New Equipment Trade-In – We will take your retired equipment and provide you with credit towards the purchase of new equipment.

•          Upgrade Equipment Trade-In – We will trade reliable reconditioned radios for your retired equipment.

If you have systems to sell, please send us an email at To expedite the process, please provide a detail list with model number and photos whenever possible.


•          New Site DC Plant
•          Power plant expansion
•          DC Load Testing
•          Installation Services
•          Facility Modification
•          Technology Enhancements
•          Maintenance (24/7 365)
•          Troubleshooting
•          Vendor Selection & Supply Chain
•          Asset Decommissioning
•          Disaster Recovery
•          Systems Reliability Audits

​•          Battery Plant Installation
•          UPS Installation & services
•          Hot Cut-Over During

             Maintenance Window
•          Infrastructure Retrofits

             and New Builds
•          Facility Audits and Surveys
•          Preventative Maintenance
•          Emergency Restoration
•          Grounding
•          Facility Removals

Microwave System Engineering

Teracom's systems engineers are leaders in the microwave radio industry. They have decades of experience supporting our customers in the design, verification, and implementation of microwave systems. Our team can provide detailed system engineering services including:

•          Inside Path Studies and Surveys (Path Loss Software)

•          Outside Surveys Visual Profiles and Flash Surveys

•          Spectrum Analysis/Surveys

•          Link Budget Design

•          Installation Services

•          Supervision of all Link Installation

•          Hardware Recommendation

•          Hardware Procurement

•          Daily/Weekly Summaries of Proposed Paths

•          Daily Interaction with Client Project Managers

•          Coordination of Installation Efforts